leather parade

Sunday funday involved brunch and Skingraft, as usual.
Brunch: Little Doms - vodka shots, ricotta pancakes and taxidermy.
Skingraft had new samples in this time, which makes it terribly special...
see that purse with the hardware? that's new. as well as that last jacket with all the studs
which I am saving my pennies for as we speak.
I did, however, buy that cropped leather fringe beauty. oh yes.
more Skingraft here.
thanks to my model, Indy.


  1. wow that jacket is gorgeous!

    What an interesting idea for a DIY!

    Thanks for the inspiration as well...


  2. i can't wait to see what you do!

  3. Old Fashioned Bacon $10

    ... I cry because I missed Skingraft... Next time Gadget... next time (stroking cat)