typical sunday

so this post is late but....
skingraft. again.
new stuff. again.
I'm so in love with that fringe vest. It's haunting.
that super studded beauty is for juliette lewis. she's my new idol.
and those new clutches. damn.
Thx Indira for modeling ;) you look hot.
ain't her tee kick ass? her dog ate it. now it's my next DIY project.
check skingraft here.


  1. Great photos! So glad I found your blog, will be back for more!


  2. Skingraft is phenomenal...love how everything was leather, fringed, and studded. This is the first time I've read your blog and I really like it. Please check out my blogs - though I'm kinda new and this, I think you'll like them !


  3. I wish that was a typical sunday for me!

  4. if only i could afford it all! it's all so pretty!!

  5. OMG is that a Gun Holster bag????? dude the first pic with the jacket and ripped shirt is So rad! Where is this??? So totally off the hook awesome. ... & too much coffee.

  6. totally! the link is on the post and they have a store on Main & 6th downtown LA if you are in town. the tee is a customized American apparel burn-out. so dope! we're actually working on a few here to sell online. i will let u know - although u can make your own too ;)